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 *   Copyright (C) 2004 by Stanislav Karchebny                             *
 *   Stanislav.Karchebny@kdemail.net                                       *
 *                                                                         *
 *   Licensed under GPL.                                                   *


#include <kparts/browserextension.h>
#include <kparts/part.h>
#include <kurl.h>

#include "config.h"

#include "akregator_partiface.h"

class QDomDocument;
class QTimer;

class KAboutData;
class KConfig;
class KParts::BrowserExtension;

namespace Akregator
    typedef KParts::ReadOnlyPart MyBasePart;
    class View;
    class Part;
    class Feed;
    class MyArticle;
    class TrayIcon;
    class BrowserExtension : public KParts::BrowserExtension

            BrowserExtension(Part *p, const char *name );
        public slots:
            void saveSettings();
            Part *m_part;
     This is a RSS Aggregator "Part". It does all the real work.
     It is also embeddable into other applications (e.g. for use in Kontact).
00052     class Part : public MyBasePart, virtual public AkregatorPartIface
           typedef MyBasePart inherited;

            /** Default constructor.*/
            Part(QWidget *parentWidget, const char *widgetName,
                          QObject *parent, const char *name, const QStringList&);

              /** Destructor. */
            virtual ~Part();

            /** Create KAboutData for this KPart. */
            static KAboutData *createAboutData();

            void setStatusBar(const QString &text);
            void setProgress(int percent);
            void setStarted(KParts::Part* part);
            void setCompleted(KParts::Part* part);
            void setCanceled(KParts::Part* part, const QString &s);

             Sets the caption of the mainwindow by emiting a signal. You shouldn't use this because there's only one feedlist
             @param text New caption
            void setCaption(const QString &text);
             Opens feedlist
             @param url URL to feedlist
            virtual bool openURL(const KURL& url);
            /** Stops the feed fetching */
            virtual bool closeURL();

            /** Opens standard feedlist */
            virtual void openStandardFeedList();

            bool isLoading () { return m_loading; }
            virtual void fetchFeedUrl(const QString&);

            /** Fetch all feeds in the feed tree */
            virtual void fetchAllFeeds();
             Add a feed to a group.
             @param url The URL of the feed to add.
             @param group The name of the folder into which the feed is added.
             If the group does not exist, it is created.  The feed is added as the last member
             of the group.
            virtual void addFeedsToGroup(const QStringList& urls, const QString& group);
             This method is called when this app is restored.  The KConfig
             object points to the session management config file that was saved
             with @ref saveProperties
             Calls AkregatorView's saveProperties.
            virtual void readProperties(KConfig* config);
            /** This method is called when it is time for the app to save its
             properties for session management purposes.
             Calls AkregatorView's readProperties. */
            virtual void saveProperties(KConfig* config);

            /** @return Whether the tray icon is enabled or not */
            virtual bool isTrayIconEnabled() const;
            /** Takes a screenshot from the trayicon
             @return Screenshot of the trayicon */
            virtual QPixmap takeTrayIconScreenshot() const;

            /** merges a nested part's GUI into the gui of this part
            @return true iff merging was successful, i.e. the GUI factory was not NULL */
            virtual bool mergePart(KParts::Part*);

        public slots:
            /** Used to save settings after changing them from configuration dialog. Calls AkregatorPart's saveSettings. */
            virtual void saveSettings();

            /** Saves the standard feed list to it's default location */
            void slotSaveFeedList();
            void showPart();
            void signalSettingsChanged();

            /** This must be implemented by each part */
            virtual bool openFile();

            void importFile(const QString& fileName);
            void exportFile(const QString& fileName);
            /** FIXME: hack to get the tray icon working */
            QWidget* getMainWindow();

            virtual KParts::Part *hitTest(QWidget *widget, const QPoint &globalPos);

            /** reimplemented to load/unload the merged parts on selection/deselection */ 
            virtual void partActivateEvent(KParts::PartActivateEvent* event);

        protected slots:
            void slotOnShutdown();
            void slotSettingsChanged();
            void fileOpen();
            void fileImport();
            void fileExport();
            void openURLDelayed();
            /** Shows configuration dialog */
            void showOptions();
            void showKNotifyOptions();

        private: // methods

            bool copyFile(const QString& backup);
            /** fills the font settings with system fonts, if fonts are not set */
            void initFonts();
            void setupActions();
            /** creates an OPML file containing the initial feeds (KDE feeds) */
            static QDomDocument createDefaultFeedList();

        private slots:
            void slotStop() {closeURL(); };

         private: // attributes
            QString m_standardFeedList;
            bool m_standardListLoaded;
            bool m_loading;
            bool m_shuttingDown;

            KURL m_delayURL;
            KParts::BrowserExtension *m_extension;
            KParts::Part* m_mergedPart;
            QWidget *m_parentWidget;
            View* m_view;
            TrayIcon* m_trayIcon;
            QTimer* m_autosaveTimer;
            /** did we backup the feed list already? */
00199             bool m_backedUpList; 


// vim: set et ts=4 sts=4 sw=4:

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