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Akregator::ArticleViewer Class Reference

#include <articleviewer.h>

Inheritance diagram for Akregator::ArticleViewer:

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Detailed Description

This HTML viewer is used to display articles. Use the high-level interface provided by the public slots whereever possible (and extend them when necessary instead of using low-level methods).

Definition at line 30 of file articleviewer.h.

Public Slots

void setSafeMode ()
void slotClear ()
virtual void slotPaletteOrFontChanged ()
void slotPrint ()
void slotScrollDown ()
void slotScrollUp ()
void slotSetFilter (const ArticleFilter &textFilter, const ArticleFilter &statusFilter)
void slotSetZoomFactor (int percent)
void slotShowArticle (const MyArticle &article)
void slotShowNode (TreeNode *node)
void slotShowSummary (TreeNode *node)
void slotUpdateCombinedView ()
void slotZoomIn ()
void slotZoomOut ()


void urlClicked (const KURL &url, bool background=false)

Public Member Functions

 ArticleViewer (QWidget *parent, const char *name)
virtual bool closeURL ()
void displayAboutPage ()
void openPage (const KURL &url)
virtual bool openURL (const KURL &)
void reload ()

Protected Slots

void slotCompleted ()
virtual void slotCopy ()
void slotCopyLinkAddress ()
virtual void slotOpenLinkInBackgroundTab ()
virtual void slotOpenLinkInBrowser ()
virtual void slotOpenLinkInForegroundTab ()
virtual void slotOpenLinkInternal ()
virtual void slotOpenURLRequest (const KURL &url, const KParts::URLArgs &args)
virtual void slotPopupMenu (KXMLGUIClient *, const QPoint &, const KURL &, const KParts::URLArgs &, KParts::BrowserExtension::PopupFlags, mode_t)
virtual void slotSelectionChanged ()
void slotStarted (KIO::Job *)

Protected Member Functions

virtual void keyPressEvent (QKeyEvent *e)
int pointsToPixel (int points) const

Protected Attributes

KURL m_url

Private Types

enum  ViewMode { NormalView, CombinedView, SummaryView }

Private Member Functions

void beginWriting ()
void connectToNode (TreeNode *node)
void disconnectFromNode (TreeNode *node)
void endWriting ()
QString formatArticle (Feed *feed, const MyArticle &article)
void generateCSS ()
void renderContent (const QString &body)
void showSummary (Feed *f)
void showSummary (FeedGroup *group)

Private Attributes

QString m_currentText
QString m_htmlFooter
QString m_htmlHead
QString m_imageDir
ArticleFilter m_statusFilter
ArticleFilter m_textFilter
ViewMode m_viewMode

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