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Akregator::Feed Class Reference

#include <feed.h>

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Detailed Description

represents a feed

Definition at line 35 of file feed.h.

Public Types

enum  ArchiveMode {
  globalDefault, keepAllArticles, disableArchiving, limitArticleNumber,

Public Slots

void fetch (bool followDiscovery=false, FetchTransaction *f=0)
void slotAbortFetch ()
virtual void slotAddToFetchTransaction (FetchTransaction *transaction)
virtual void slotDeleteExpiredArticles ()
virtual void slotMarkAllArticlesAsRead ()
void slotSetProgress (unsigned long)


void fetchAborted (Feed *)
void fetchDiscovery (Feed *)
void fetched (Feed *)
void fetchError (Feed *)
void fetchStarted (Feed *)
void imageLoaded (Feed *)
void signalChanged (TreeNode *)
void signalDestroyed (TreeNode *)
void signalFetchAborted ()
void signalFetched ()
void signalFetchTimeout ()

Public Member Functions

void appendArticles (const Document &d)
ArchiveMode archiveMode () const
virtual ArticleSequence articles ()
const QString & description () const
void dumpXmlData (QDomElement parent, QDomDocument document)
const QPixmap & favicon () const
 Feed ()
bool fetchErrorOccurred ()
int fetchInterval () const
const QString & htmlUrl () const
virtual uint id () const
const QPixmap & image () const
virtual bool isGroup () const
bool isMerged () const
bool markImmediatelyAsRead () const
int maxArticleAge () const
int maxArticleNumber () const
virtual TreeNodenext ()
virtual TreeNodenextSibling () const
virtual FeedGroupparent () const
virtual TreeNodeprevSibling () const
void setArchiveMode (ArchiveMode archiveMode)
void setCustomFetchIntervalEnabled (bool enabled)
void setDescription (const QString &s)
void setFavicon (const QPixmap &p)
void setFetchInterval (int interval)
void setHtmlUrl (const QString &s)
virtual void setId (uint id)
void setImage (const QPixmap &p)
void setMarkImmediatelyAsRead (bool enabled)
void setMaxArticleAge (int maxArticleAge)
void setMaxArticleNumber (int maxArticleNumber)
void setMerged (bool m)
virtual void setNotificationMode (bool doNotify, bool notifyOccuredChanges=true)
virtual void setParent (FeedGroup *parent)
virtual void setTitle (const QString &title)
void setUnread (int unread)
void setUseNotification (bool enabled)
void setXmlUrl (const QString &s)
virtual const QString & title () const
virtual QDomElement toOPML (QDomElement parent, QDomDocument document) const
virtual int totalCount () const
virtual int unread () const
bool useCustomFetchInterval () const
bool useNotification () const
const QString & xmlUrl () const

Static Public Member Functions

static QString archiveModeToString (ArchiveMode mode)
static FeedfromOPML (QDomElement e)
static ArchiveMode stringToArchiveMode (const QString &str)

Protected Member Functions

virtual void modified ()

Protected Attributes

bool m_changeOccured
bool m_doNotify
uint m_id
QString m_title

Private Slots

void fetchCompleted (Loader *loader, Document doc, Status status)
void loadFavicon ()

Private Member Functions

void appendArticle (const MyArticle &a)
bool isExpired (const MyArticle &a) const
void tryFetch ()
bool usesExpiryByAge () const

Private Attributes

ArchiveMode m_archiveMode
ArticleSequence m_articles
bool m_autoFetch
QString m_description
Document m_document
QPixmap m_favicon
bool m_fetchError
int m_fetchInterval
int m_fetchTries
bool m_followDiscovery
QString m_htmlUrl
QPixmap m_image
bool m_markImmediatelyAsRead
int m_maxArticleAge
int m_maxArticleNumber
bool m_merged
KPIM::ProgressItem * m_progressItem
FetchTransaction * m_transaction
int m_unread
bool m_useNotification
QString m_xmlUrl

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