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Akregator::Part Class Reference

#include <akregator_part.h>

Inheritance diagram for Akregator::Part:

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Detailed Description

This is a RSS Aggregator "Part". It does all the real work. It is also embeddable into other applications (e.g. for use in Kontact).

Definition at line 52 of file akregator_part.h.

Public Types

typedef MyBasePart inherited

Public Slots

virtual void saveSettings ()
void slotSaveFeedList ()


void showPart ()
void signalSettingsChanged ()

Public Member Functions

virtual void addFeedsToGroup (const QStringList &urls, const QString &group)
virtual bool closeURL ()
virtual void fetchAllFeeds ()
virtual void fetchFeedUrl (const QString &)
bool isLoading ()
virtual bool isTrayIconEnabled () const
virtual bool mergePart (KParts::Part *)
virtual void openStandardFeedList ()
virtual bool openURL (const KURL &url)
 Part (QWidget *parentWidget, const char *widgetName, QObject *parent, const char *name, const QStringList &)
virtual void readProperties (KConfig *config)
virtual void saveProperties (KConfig *config)
void setCanceled (KParts::Part *part, const QString &s)
void setCaption (const QString &text)
void setCompleted (KParts::Part *part)
void setProgress (int percent)
void setStarted (KParts::Part *part)
void setStatusBar (const QString &text)
virtual QPixmap takeTrayIconScreenshot () const
virtual ~Part ()

Static Public Member Functions

static KAboutData * createAboutData ()

Protected Slots

void fileExport ()
void fileImport ()
void fileOpen ()
void openURLDelayed ()
void showKNotifyOptions ()
void showOptions ()
void slotOnShutdown ()
void slotSettingsChanged ()

Protected Member Functions

void exportFile (const QString &fileName)
QWidget * getMainWindow ()
virtual KParts::Part * hitTest (QWidget *widget, const QPoint &globalPos)
void importFile (const QString &fileName)
virtual bool openFile ()
virtual void partActivateEvent (KParts::PartActivateEvent *event)

Private Slots

void slotStop ()

Private Member Functions

bool copyFile (const QString &backup)
void initFonts ()
void setupActions ()

Static Private Member Functions

static QDomDocument createDefaultFeedList ()

Private Attributes

QTimer * m_autosaveTimer
bool m_backedUpList
KURL m_delayURL
KParts::BrowserExtension * m_extension
bool m_loading
KParts::Part * m_mergedPart
QWidget * m_parentWidget
bool m_shuttingDown
QString m_standardFeedList
bool m_standardListLoaded
TrayIcon * m_trayIcon

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