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Akregator::View Class Reference

#include <akregator_view.h>

List of all members.

Detailed Description

This is the main widget of the view, containing tree view, article list, viewer etc.

Definition at line 52 of file akregator_view.h.

Public Slots

void slotArticleDelete ()
void slotArticleListContextMenu (KListView *, ArticleListItem *item, const QPoint &p)
void slotArticleSelected (MyArticle article)
void slotArticleToggleKeepFlag ()
void slotCanceled (const QString &)
void slotCaptionChanged (const QString &)
void slotCombinedView ()
void slotCompleted ()
void slotFeedAdd ()
void slotFeedAddGroup ()
void slotFeedFetched (Feed *)
void slotFeedFetchError (Feed *feed)
void slotFeedModify ()
void slotFeedRemove ()
void slotFeedsTreeDown ()
void slotFeedsTreeEnd ()
void slotFeedsTreeHome ()
void slotFeedsTreeLeft ()
void slotFeedsTreePageDown ()
void slotFeedsTreePageUp ()
void slotFeedsTreeRight ()
void slotFeedsTreeUp ()
void slotFeedTreeContextMenu (KListView *, TreeNodeItem *, const QPoint &)
void slotFeedURLDropped (KURL::List &urls, TreeNodeItem *after, FeedGroupItem *parent)
void slotFetchAllFeeds ()
void slotFetchCurrentFeed ()
void slotFetchesCompleted ()
void slotFrameChanged (Frame *f)
void slotLoadingProgress (int)
void slotMarkAllFeedsRead ()
void slotMarkAllRead ()
void slotMouseButtonPressed (int button, QListViewItem *item, const QPoint &pos, int c)
void slotMouseOverInfo (const KFileItem *kifi)
void slotMoveCurrentNodeDown ()
void slotMoveCurrentNodeLeft ()
void slotMoveCurrentNodeRight ()
void slotMoveCurrentNodeUp ()
void slotNextArticle ()
void slotNextFeed ()
void slotNextUnreadArticle ()
void slotNextUnreadFeed ()
void slotNodeSelected (TreeNode *node)
void slotNormalView ()
void slotOnShutdown ()
void slotOpenArticleExternal (ArticleListItem *item, const QPoint &, int)
void slotOpenCurrentArticle ()
void slotOpenCurrentArticleBackgroundTab ()
void slotOpenCurrentArticleExternal ()
void slotOpenHomepage ()
void slotOpenTab (const KURL &url, bool background=false)
void slotPrevFeed ()
void slotPreviousArticle ()
void slotPrevUnreadArticle ()
void slotPrevUnreadFeed ()
void slotPrint ()
void slotSearchComboChanged (int index)
void slotSearchTextChanged (const QString &search)
void slotSetSelectedArticleNew ()
void slotSetSelectedArticleUnread ()
void slotSetTotalUnread ()
void slotStarted ()
void slotStatusText (const QString &)
void slotTabCaption (const QString &capt)
void slotToggleShowQuickFilter ()
void slotWidescreenView ()


void signalUnreadCountChanged (int)

Public Member Functions

void addFeedToGroup (const QString &url, const QString &group)
Frame * currentFrame () const
void endOperation ()
QDomDocument feedListToOPML ()
bool importFeeds (const QDomDocument &doc)
bool loadFeeds (const QDomDocument &doc, FeedGroup *parent=0)
void operationError ()
virtual void readProperties (KConfig *config)
virtual void saveProperties (KConfig *config)
void saveSettings ()
void startOperation ()
FetchTransaction * transaction ()
 View (Akregator::Part *part, QWidget *parent, const char *name)
 ~View ()

Protected Slots

void connectFrame (Frame *)
void delayedInit ()
void displayInExternalBrowser (const KURL &url)
QString getTitleNodeText (const QDomDocument &doc)
void setTabIcon (const QPixmap &)
void showFetchStatus ()
void slotActivateSearch ()
void slotDeleteExpiredArticles ()
void slotDoIntervalFetches ()
void slotRemoveFrame ()
void updateSearch (const QString &s=QString::null)

Protected Member Functions

void addFeed (const QString &url, TreeNode *after, FeedGroup *parent, bool autoExec=true)
void connectToFeedList (FeedList *feedList)
void disconnectFromFeedList (FeedList *feedList)

Private Types

enum  ViewMode { NormalView = 0, WidescreenView, CombinedView }

Private Attributes

ArticleList * m_articles
QSplitter * m_articleSplitter
Frame * m_currentFrame
ArticleFilter * m_currentStatusFilter
ArticleFilter * m_currentTextFilter
bool m_displayingAboutPage
QTimer * m_expiryTimer
QSplitter * m_feedSplitter
QTimer * m_fetchTimer
QPixmap m_keepFlagIcon
Frame * m_mainFrame
QWidget * m_mainTab
QString m_queuedSearch
int m_queuedSearches
QHBox * m_searchBar
KComboBox * m_searchCombo
KLineEdit * m_searchLine
bool m_shuttingDown
TabWidget * m_tabs
QToolButton * m_tabsClose
FetchTransaction * m_transaction
FeedsTree * m_tree
ViewMode m_viewMode

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