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void View::slotOpenCurrentArticle (  )  [slot]

opens current article in new tab, background/foreground depends on settings TODO: use selected instead of current?

Definition at line 1255 of file akregator_view.cpp.

References Akregator::MyArticle::guid(), Akregator::MyArticle::guidIsPermaLink(), Akregator::MyArticle::link(), m_articles, and slotOpenTab().

    ArticleListItem *item = m_articles->currentItem();
    if (!item)
    MyArticle article = item->article();
    QString link;
    if (article.link().isValid() || (article.guidIsPermaLink() && KURL(article.guid()).isValid()))
        // in case link isn't valid, fall back to the guid permaLink.
        if (article.link().isValid())
            link = article.link().url();
            link = article.guid();
        slotOpenTab(link, Settings::backgroundTabForArticles());

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