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void View::slotFeedTreeContextMenu ( KListView *  ,
TreeNodeItem item,
const QPoint &  p 
) [slot]

Shows requested popup menu for feed tree

Definition at line 670 of file akregator_view.cpp.

References Akregator::TreeNode::isGroup(), m_tabs, and Akregator::TreeNodeItem::node().

Referenced by View().

    TreeNode* node = item ? item->node() : 0;

    if (!node)
    QWidget *w;
    if (node->isGroup())
        w = m_part->factory()->container("feedgroup_popup", m_part);
        w = m_part->factory()->container("feeds_popup", m_part);
    if (w)
        static_cast<QPopupMenu *>(w)->exec(p);

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