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 *   Copyright (C) 2004 by Frank Osterfeld                                 *
 *   frank.osterfeld AT kdemail.net                                        *
 *                                                                         *
 *   Licensed under GPL.                                                   *


#include <qobject.h>
#include <qstring.h>

class QDomDocument;
class QDomElement;

namespace Akregator 

class ArticleSequence;
class FeedGroup;
class FetchTransaction;

    \brief Abstract base class for all kind of elements in the feed tree, like feeds and feed groups (and search folders later).
    TODO: detailed description goes here
00029 class TreeNode : public QObject

    /** Standard constructor */

    /** Standard destructor */
    virtual ~TreeNode();

    /** The unread count, returns the number of new/unread articles in the node (for groups: the accumulated count of the subtree)
    @return number of new/unread articles */

    virtual int unread() const = 0;

    /** returns the number of total articles in the node (for groups: the accumulated count of the subtree)
    @return number of articles */
    virtual int totalCount() const = 0;

    /** Get title of node.
    @return the title of the node */
    virtual const QString& title() const;
    /** Sets the title of the node.
    @c title should not contain entities.
    @param title the title string */
    virtual void setTitle(const QString& title);
    /** Get the next sibling.
    @return the next sibling, 0 if there is none */
    virtual TreeNode* nextSibling() const;
    /** Get the previous sibling.
    @return the previous sibling, 0 if there is none */
    virtual TreeNode* prevSibling() const;
    /** Returns the parent node.
    @return the parent feed group, 0 if there is none */
    virtual FeedGroup* parent() const;
    /** Sets parent node; Don't call this directly, is done automatically by 
    insertChild-methods in @ref FeedGroup. */
    virtual void setParent(FeedGroup* parent);
    /** Returns a sequence of the articles this node contains. For feed groups, this returns a concatenated list of all articles in the sub tree.
    @return sequence of articles */
    virtual ArticleSequence articles() = 0; // TODO: insert a const version as well
    /** Helps the rest of the app to decide if node should be handled as group or not. Only use where necessary, use polymorphism where possible.
    @return whether the node is a feed group or not */
    virtual bool isGroup() const = 0;

    /** exports node and child nodes to OPML (with akregator settings)
        @param parent the dom element the child node will be attached to
        @param document the opml document */
    virtual QDomElement toOPML( QDomElement parent, QDomDocument document ) const = 0;
    @param doNotify notification on changes on/off flag
    @param notifyOccuredChanges notify changes occured while turn off when set to true again */
    virtual void setNotificationMode(bool doNotify, bool notifyOccuredChanges = true);  
    /** returns the next node in the tree.
        Calling next() unless it returns 0 iterates through the tree in pre-order
    virtual TreeNode* next() = 0; 

    /** returns the ID of this node. IDs are managed by @ref FeedList objects and must be unique within the list. Some IDs have a special meaning:
    @c 0 is the default value and indicates that no ID was set
    @c 1 is reserved for the "All Feeds" root node */
    virtual uint id() const;

    /** sets the ID */
    virtual void setId(uint id);
public slots:
    /** Deletes all expired articles in the node (depending on the expiry settings).
        Works recursively for feed groups. */
    virtual void slotDeleteExpiredArticles() = 0;
    /** Marks all articles in this node as read.
    Works recursively for feed groups. */
    virtual void slotMarkAllArticlesAsRead() = 0;

    /** adds node to a fetch transaction */
    virtual void slotAddToFetchTransaction(FetchTransaction* transaction) = 0;
    //virtual void slotFetch(int timeout) = 0;    
    //virtual void slotAbortFetch() = 0;
    /** Notification mechanism: emitted, when the node was modified and notification 
    is enabled. */
    void signalChanged(TreeNode*);
    /** Emitted when this object is deleted. */
    void signalDestroyed(TreeNode*);   
    /** TODO: not used yet */
    void signalFetched();
    /** TODO: not used yet */
    void signalFetchAborted();
    /** TODO: not used yet */
    void signalFetchTimeout();

    /** call this if you modified the object. Will do notification immediately or cache it, depending on @c m_doNotify. */
    virtual void modified();
    /** If set to true, signalChanged is emitted when the node was modified */
00180     bool m_doNotify;
    /** If m_doNotify is set false, this flag caches occurred changes. */
00183     bool m_changeOccured;
    /** title of the node */
00186     QString m_title;
    /** The node's parent */
00189     FeedGroup* m_parent;

    uint m_id;



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